Sizing And Care

Ring resizing

All rings are sized using standard Australian letter sizing. In order to determine your ring size, the best and most accurate option is to visit a jeweller and have your ring sized on the spot. However if this is not possible, please follow the ring sizing guidelines at
Ring resizing is possible for sterling silver and solid gold rings only. I am unable to resize gemstone or gold plated rings.
Please carefully determine your size before ordering. Ring sizers are available to purchase on my website and I have guides available on my story highlights on Instagram. You are always welcome to contact me directly should you need any assistance.


Take care of your jewellery with a soft cloth and avoid contact with strong chemicals, cleaning products, water, creams, and perfumes. Always ensure your pieces are stored in dry areas with like metals and kept in a in a space that won’t allow the pieces to be scratched or exposed to chemicals. Sterling silver is prone to tarnish over time when exposed to salty air, chlorine, perspirations, cosmetics, chemicals etc. A silver polishing cloth will remove tarnish.
Please contact us if you have any questions regarding care or more specific material details.

Gold plating care

Emily Jane Jewellery gold plated pieces are plated in house. We do not use flash plating (lower quality of gold, usually less than 0.25 microns thick). Instead, we use up to 3 microns of 23k gold plating, which is very high quality compared to industry standards.
As the items plated are not solid gold, extra care should be taken to prolong the longevity of your pieces and prevent tarnishing.

How to clean gold plated jewellery:

  • Use a cotton ball or soft cloth (such as a cloth designed to clean glasses or camera lenses) and gently rub your piece to remove dust and dirt. Do not use a solid gold polishing cloth as this may strip away the plating.
  • Gentle wet wipes can also be used.
  • Stay away from jewellery cleaners and antibacterial soaps which may tarnish your pieces prematurely. Instead, a combination of basic soap and warm water can be used to soak plated pieces for a few minutes then patted dry with a soft cloth can help restore shine!

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